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Cryo-EM Services for Protein Structure Determination

As one technique of Cryo-EM, Single particle analysis (SPA) is used to determine structures of biomacromolecules frozen in vitreous ice and enables researchers to determine the protein structures in near-native states.Now SPA is becoming important in structural studies of medically relevant targets.

Cryo-EM Services for Protein Structure Determination

Cryo-EM SPA Workflow

Cryo-EM SPA Workflow

Why do you need Cryo-EM SPA Services?

● Maintain the sample in its near-native state
● Require a only a small amount of protein
● Capture flexible conformations
● Determine heterogenous protein complex structures

Why choose ShuimuBio for Cryo-EM SPA?

● ShuimuBio is the first and largest commercial cryo-EM platform in the Asia-Pacific.
● We are equipped with the highest specs microscopes and advanced IT infrastructure to ensure the high-throughput and high-quality of our projects.
● Our team is a world leader in the research and application of cryo-electron microscopy technology, more and more complex protein structures are being resolved.
● 300+ Cryo-EM projects,including apo-protein, small molecule and protein complex, antigen and antibody complex were supported, 60+ proteins were determined at resolution better than 3.5 Å, the best resolution reaches 1.8 Å and the smallest protein being constructed is about 51KD in our platform.

About the samples

Protein (50-100μl,≥2mg/mL,Purity>95%):

SDS-PAGE to check no polluted or degraded protein bands. Make sure it is the target protein (mass spectrometry identification, etc.)

Buffer (50-100ml):

Do not contain organic substances such as polysaccharides, DMSO, glycerol. Salt concentration should below 300mM.


Gel filtration chromatography or native page (or other methods) is necessary to ensure sample homogeneity. Do not overconcentrate sample to avoid protein aggregation, etc.

Storage (10-20μl/tube):

Samples should be divided into aliquots, flash frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.


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